Cap and Trade

Republican senators fled the state last week to prevent Democrats from voting on an expansive cap-and-trade bill to limit greenhouse gas emissions.
The move shows China is taking the lead on climate change as the U.S. retreats.
“Nothing is more serious ... than extinction,” said Gov. Jerry Brown as he signed new legislation.
Both sides were wrong.  The program has helped cut acid rain in half since its inception, and at a cost of just $3 billion
The Report US State Progress Even if US President-Elect Donald Trump pulls the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement
After I've had an opportunity to reflect more calmly and carefully on the implications of the forthcoming Trump presidency for environmental, natural resource, and energy policy, I will return to this topic.
California can play a very important role by showing leadership -- in two key ways. One is to demonstrate a commitment to meaningful reductions in GHG emissions. In this regard, California has more than met the bar, with policies that are as aggressive as -- if not more aggressive than -- those of most countries.
IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): No country on Earth is taking the 2 degree climate target seriously; How the Earth
There are a substantial number of issues that negotiators will eventually need to address, and likewise, there are a set of questions that researchers (including within the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements) can begin to address now.