Carbon Capture

These innovative sneakers were made mostly out of recycled carbon dioxide emissions.
It's capturing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere for fuel that planes and trucks could one day use.
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To fully grasp the potential of trees to combat climate change, one has to understand the "Urban Heat Island Effect." This situation occurs when pavement and other built materials in our cities absorb and re-radiate heat, to create an oven-like effect.
The number of big CCS projects has doubled since 2010 to 22 and the technology passed a milestone this year with the start
A 2012 study by 50 scientists and policy experts from around the world estimates that climate disruption kills nearly 1,000 children every day. Trees are our climate saviors, and it takes decades or centuries -- time we don't have -- to recover from the mistake of cutting them down.
"Their standards require coal-fired power plants to deploy technologies that are not currently commercially viable," said