Carbon Dioxide

The White House adviser has claimed Earth is in the midst of a “CO2 famine."
No, carbon dioxide emissions are not “good” for global food production.
The concentration of 414.7 parts per million may be the highest in human history.
Here’s how oysters are helping to save the planet one shuck at a time.
William Happer will reportedly lead the new Presidential Committee on Climate Security.
The Columbia University professor correctly predicted rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels would lead to pronounced warming.
“Carbon dioxide makes things grow. Plants love this stuff," John Christy has said.
The conference was backed by a group founded to spread the “good news” about carbon emissions.
Far-right presidential front-runner Jair Bolsonaro -- aka “Brazil’s Trump” -- may be “exactly what the world doesn’t need.”
On the whole, the country consumes 28 percent of the world’s meat — twice as much as the United States. And that figure is only set to increase.
One scientist calls the decision to cancel the program a "grave mistake."
This marks a major setback for those hoping climate change-causing pollution had peaked.
The hard-line climate change deniers at the right-wing Heartland Institute sent the agency a list of 145 "climate scientists."
Climate deniers are fast running out of deception and lies. Just a few days ago, an exhaustive report by the Energy and Policy