Carbon Footprint

Federal regulators have been instructed to consider planet-warming pollution before approving large projects like pipelines and airports.
Associate Director-at-Large at Lawrence Livermore National Lab Jane Long joins Josh to discuss emerging technologies that may help us to fight climate change.
The plan sets out to achieve so-called carbon neutrality by 2045, meaning the state will remove as many carbon emissions from the atmosphere as it emits.
A new U.N. report shows that countries aren't doing enough to cut emissions of heat trapping gases.
The program is one part of California’s efforts to drastically reduce carbon emissions.
The court’s conservative bloc not only threatens climate change mitigation efforts, but the entire federal administrative state.
The Biden administration has been updating a metric that sets a dollar figure per ton of carbon emissions in an effort to better consider climate change.
As climate change increasingly becomes a literal kitchen table issue, a new survey suggests that programs to electrify homes would be popular.
The ruling could set a precedent for similar cases against polluting multinationals around the world.
The little-noticed remark came during a finance session of President Biden's big Earth Day climate summit.