Carl's Jr.

When a woman is described as being “cool,” it’s because she embodies stereotypical male traits.
Once again, Wendy's drops the mic on its fast food competition.
This subtle sense of ownership feed violence.
The company wants to place more of an emphasis on its food.
Andy Puzder said he had been planning to step down from fast-food giant CKE Restaurants before he lost his confirmation battle.
The former Carl's Jr. and Hardee's chief executive is the first casualty among the president's controversial Cabinet picks.
Before Andy Puzder adopted Trump's hard line on immigration, his chains' restaurants had to cut loose more than 1,000 undocumented workers.
A new twist in the old abuse allegations against Andy Puzder.
Andy Puzder heads Carl’s Jr., maker of burgers and soft-porn TV commercials. His job is to protect women's rights at work.