Celebrity Activism

Coming on the heels of a still-bitterly divisive election, Veterans Day this year runs the risk of being overshadowed.
For better and sometimes for worse, awards shows inform our cultural conversation, and none has quite the magnetism as the Oscars. The gold statuette signifies so much, and this year's host and winners used the platform to maximum effect.
I have high hopes for the 2016 awards season. By collectively raising our expectations -- of celebrities and of one another as a society -- we can use this moment to drive strategic, meaningful and memorable philanthropy.
The 16-year-old actress said that she's balancing being "the voice of a generation" and applying to college.
Country superstar Tim McGraw continues to make military veterans feel at home in a spectacular way: by awarding them and
And some PSAs, celebs didn’t even have to open their mouths, they just stared sternly into the camera. Like Us On Facebook
Benedict Cumberbatch has officially taken on the Ice Bucket Challenge -- or should we say Ice Buckets Challenge. In an over
"It’s an act of perseverance, prayer, hope, fellowship and mostly love," she wrote alongside the video. "In a way, I'm totally
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are taking a stand against magazines that pay for paparazzi photos of celebrity children.