COVID-19 hurt businesses, but it couldn't stop these heartwarming acts of kindness.
The "cardigan" singer quietly gave to the GoFundMe campaign for Theodis Ray Quarles, who succumbed to the virus a week before Christmas.
The couple opened up about grief, support systems and giving back during the holiday season.
The famous chef relied on his lifeline pal Mina Kimes to win $1 million for charity the Southern Smoke Foundation.
Scott said her wealth was the “product of a collective effort” that could be “of particular value to others.”
Appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," "The Lovebirds" star said he plans to hit the gym with another famous fitness buff once he can safely do so.
The band released a song with a celebrity-packed video and merchandise for fans to enjoy, with all proceeds going to No Kid Hungry.
Even when putting their rivalry on hold for a good cause, these super rivals find a way to bicker.
Proceeds from Mr. 305's "worldwide anthem" titled "I Believe That We Will Win" will go toward COVID-19 relief efforts.
The singer is supporting a beloved business in her hometown that was forced to close during the pandemic.