The Houston Rockets center was hailed as a "man of the people!" after intentionally tanking a free throw.
The South Carolina senator hit midtown Manhattan to wage his bizarre battle on behalf of the fast food chain.
Chick-fil-A has made Christian values part of its brand, making it a strange target for conservative outrage.
Singer Usher was delighted to see Taylor put the "chic" in "chicken."
Mykel Gordon rushed to the woman's aid and held down her assailant until police arrived. Remarkably, this wasn't the first time Gordon may have saved a life.
The Milwaukee Bucks superstar took both the team’s NBA championship trophy and his own MVP trophy to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru on Wednesday.
It seems Sen. Lindsey Graham is ready to die for chicken sandwiches and waffle fries after students at the University of Notre Dame opposed plans for a campus Chick-fil-A.
"He wouldn't lift a finger to stop a violent insurrection, but he could kill for a chicken sandwich," one critic noted.
The fast-food chain alluded to its competitor's history of anti-LGBTQ contributions when it launched its new Ch'King chicken sandwich last week.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host gets saucy with his latest zinger aimed at the Texas senator.