The company is facing a flood of arbitration cases over alleged wage theft. A judge called the company's efforts to block them "unseemly."
The manager was filmed refusing to serve a group of black men. But there was additional backlash when one man's social media posts mentioned "dine and dash."
Social media posts surfaced suggesting that one of the customers had bragged about "dining and dashing."
A judge’s order shows the real-world effects of the court’s decision to let employers force workers to give up their right to class-action lawsuits.
The burrito chain has asked a court to exclude 2,814 workers from a massive wage theft lawsuit because they signed mandatory arbitration agreements.
Customers said they saw rodents fall from the ceiling at one location. 🙈
The chain is finally listening to its customers' requests.
At the center of the legal battle is an Obama-era rule that vastly expanded overtime pay to salaried workers.
A new poll shows why the fast-casual chain still might not be out of the woods.
The burrito chain is still struggling to recover from last year's E. coli and norovirus outbreaks.