The cicadas are looking for nearby trees. Once they find them, there is the NOISE. Unlike zombies, who are basically silent
While waiting for my husband and our toddler to come back from the gate, I stood enveloped in the sound. I recognized the
If you were prepping yourself for the cicada invasion of 2013, you might have been sorely disappointed (less so if you live
This June, periodical cicadas treated certain areas of the East Coast to their eerie serenade of love. Okay, some would call it less than a serenade, and granted, I wouldn't want a cicada to whisper sweet nothings in my ear at his impressive volume of 90 dB (give or take).
Or...maybe not. The trick? Pull off the wings, keep the heat on low, and remove just as the eyes start to bulge. If prepared
Super(abundant) bugs Simon said so far her colleagues have not discovered any major changes in the spread of Brood II. She
New Yorkers have been anxious about the cicadas arrival for weeks. That loud buzz and all those omnipresent discarded shells
WASHINGTON -- The Dairy Godmother's newest flavor combines two Summer 2013 standbys: frozen custard and cicadas. Introducing
Entomologist Cole Gilbert finds them "amazing." And after listening to him discourse about the species over lunch late last month, I think I understand why. Cicadas (Magicicada septendecim) -- like many of the species Gilbert studies -- are just plain weird.
If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the cicada invasion firsthand, then Discovery's Science Channel has the perfect
Yes, yes, the Brood II cicadas are emerging. They'll be loud, they'll be tasty and they'll be having a buzz-filled mating
After a dark 17-year juvenile period underground, hormones and warm soil temperatures (64 degrees Fahrenheit to be precise
You could call it life imitating The Jetsons, but I feel like other portrayals of the future have featured similar contraptions. Regardless, it appears the future is now, people. Science has finally caught up with Hanna-Barbera. We're going to have food machines soon.
Although the arrival of the Brood II 17-year cicadas has been heralded for a hundred and fifty years, they have never gotten such a welcome in the media as in 2013. Nearly every news outlet is full of stories on the impending Swarmageddon, Cicadapocalypse, or other insect disaster.
On Monday we made first contact. Now we've made second contact. But fear not! With highs in the 80s the past few days, the