The cicadas are looking for nearby trees. Once they find them, there is the NOISE. Unlike zombies, who are basically silent
I am grateful to not live in a place that is so sterilized for my protection I am robbed of seeing the splendor hidden in
In the below photo, Luke Starner of Shooting Starners Photography shows how cicadas would boogie down, if they could. Even
This June, periodical cicadas treated certain areas of the East Coast to their eerie serenade of love. Okay, some would call it less than a serenade, and granted, I wouldn't want a cicada to whisper sweet nothings in my ear at his impressive volume of 90 dB (give or take).
Or...maybe not. But entomologist David Moskowitz, who made this bizarre but fascinating video with his son Sam on Father's
Wild estimates were tossed around to describe how many sex-starved cicadas were expected to crawl out of the ground leading
New Yorkers have been anxious about the cicadas arrival for weeks. That loud buzz and all those omnipresent discarded shells
But for all the cicada buzz, where are they?! There may be no actual cicadas in Cicada Crunch, but we've rounded up 10 ways