Clean Water

An eye-opening report ranks U.S. airlines based on water quality.
The president appears to mangle American history as he repeats a false boast that the nation's air and water are the cleanest ever, then he fact-checks himself.
Environmentalists say the move would leave millions of Americans with less safe drinking water and damage wetlands that prevent flooding.
As celebrities arrived on the VMAs red carpet in New Jersey, demonstrators expressed their fury at the ongoing lead contamination problem.
Newark, New Jersey, could be the next Flint if officials do not solve the lead water crisis that’s hurting the city and its residents.
Mayor Ras Baraka is facing calls to step down amid the crisis.
A Tennessee police department's warning about "methed up" wildlife has gone viral. Here's what experts say.
The Democrat visited the Michigan city "to let them know that we haven’t forgotten about them."
Since 2014, the water around Hoosick Falls, New York has been known to be contaminated by the toxic chemical, PFOA.
Flint, Michigan, isn’t the only area in the U.S. that’s been dealing with a water crisis. Since 2014, the water around Hoosick Falls, New York, has been contaminated by the toxic chemical, PFOA— and there still isn’t a permanent fix.
Just how much of the town’s water is polluted with benzene is still unclear, but bringing potable water back to the area could take until 2021.
The environmental activist spoke out after reports the EPA may stop regulating two toxic chemicals seen in tap water.
The tech billionaire committed to helping the Michigan city in July in response to a Twitter user.
The attorney is trying to convince voters that their congressman is too busy protecting the president to focus on fixing central California's water crisis.
A toxic chemical tainted one water well. Then another. Then another. Now black sediment spews from the taps.
Which is weird, because lead causes brain damage in children.
Scott Pruitt revoked the Clean Water Rule, which clarified what bodies of water could be federally protected, last year.
Oxycodone that entered Puget Sound contaminated shellfish tissue, scientists found.