Here they are -- the books that left us breathless in the last 50 pages. Some are traditional thrillers, some whodunits and some roller-coaster novels.
If there's anything I love to hate more, it's a cliffhanger. I will spend an entire novel hoping for one, while praying to the book gods that I'm wrong. I'm invested emotionally, allowing the author to string me along, hoping the characters pull through unscathed.
Every genre novel is a novel of suspense. The literary novelist desires the reader to ask, "What does it mean?" The genre novelist wishes more than anything to hear the reader ask, "And then what happened?"
But that money mountain is overseas, and corporations are scratching and clawing to keep it there, untaxed, forever -- even
In other words, by taking a dividend ahead of the fiscal cliff, Adelson has possibly saved himself (and cost the government
"Failure to reach a credible [budget] agreement would suggest a degree of political dysfunction that would undermine U.S
Or, as FT Alphaville's Cardiff Garcia put it yesterday, only funnier and more succinctly: Unlike some other Wall Street CEOs
Blankfein has said he supports long-term deficit reduction instead of immediate cuts. He said in September that "you can't
All grandparents are required by law to have earthlink email addresses. — Nic Cage Match (@NicCageMatch) November 26, 2012
UPDATE 12:07AM EST 11/28/12: Bloomberg has obtained a full list of the 13 CEOs scheduled to attend Wednesday's fiscal cliff
Cutting the budget too quickly can have negative economic consequences, according to some economists. Three hundred and fifty
We know nothing about President Obama's meeting on Wednesday with CEOs to discuss the fiscal cliff. But we can hope that it was hostile and unproductive, because the CEOs are hypocrites with terrible ideas.
It's a good thing "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (Wed., 9 p.m. ET on CBS) has already been renewed for a thirteenth season
Like many others I began Mockingjay yesterday morning expecting to be done the same day. I stopped at points to do other
Writing TV shows is hard. We think. Actually it probably depends on the show. Either way, with all those characters and plotlines