As a part of the Paris Agreement, governments have now committed to unlocking USD 100 billion per year by 2020 to boost climate
Developing nations carry little responsibility for the vast amounts of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere since the industrial revolution. Yet they are forecast to bear the brunt of changing weather patterns and rising sea levels, and they lack the resources to cope.
The international climate community faces an even greater challenge: enacting the agreed upon measures to live up to the agreement's aims and to achieve complete global decarbonization over the coming decades.
PREP can help connect communities on the front lines of climate change find the information they need.
Homes like these in Belize could benefit from the protection of mangrove ecosystems, which help reduce damage from storm
Building resilience to increasing extremes and many more unavoidable effects of warming is imperative. It is especially important in developing countries like Myanmar, where millions of subsistence farmers with limited access to services and poor infrastructure are disproportionately vulnerable.
The announcement signals a changing tone on the need to deal with climate impacts already underway.
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We are a species. Perhaps that’s a bit of a blow to our modern, so-over-biology, Homo sapien arrogance; but it’s true just
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Narcissism is a strange package that includes ambition, grandiosity, insecurity, shallowness of emotion, lack of empathy
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Shakespeare may have shuffled off his mortal coil 400 years ago, but actors, scholars, dancers, videogaming tech nerds, restaurateurs, and the average consumer are no less sick of him.
When the rains came to Senegal's capital and largest city, Dakar, in 2009, the people in Cite de Soleil were up to their chests in water. Looking forward, the climate models suggest that this will only get worse.
No matter what we do, culture is part of the society we live in; whether it is our culture by birth or the culture of the new country in which we reside.
The study does not report that vegetarianism increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, or any other bad outcome. Nothing of the sort. Not even close.
As the Centennial Year coincides with President Obama's final year in office, I feel the urgency for citizens to come up with a new vision for our national parks and public lands system that the President can leave for his successor.