Climate Change

“2023 was an exceptionally hot year, and this trend will continue unless we reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically,” said one of the study's authors.
In exchange, the former president vowed to undo many of President Joe Biden's green energy policies.
The Maryland Democrat explained how global warming was “well understood” by the petroleum industry as he detailed a report from a three-year investigation.
The new rules also say a lot about the president's priorities, and what he thinks about the problems facing the American public.
Akshat Rathi spoke with HuffPost about the evolution of climate denialism, and what the climate crisis means for democracy.
The White House launched a $7 billion “solar for all” program earlier this week meant to help build 1 million individual systems across the country.
The former president's old comments came back to haunt him in the new spot from President Joe Biden's campaign team.
The Trump-endorsed MAGA conservative keeps flip-flopping on the climate — and SEC filings reveal how hypocritical he really is.
The regulation would change how much of the United States builds homes.