Climate Change

“As a young person, I am desperate and I am furious,” one hunger striker said on their eighth day without food as they demand bold legislation on climate change.
Conservative lawmakers and media are equating a mostly peaceful climate protest to the pro-Trump mob that tried to thwart the 2020 presidential election.
The federal entity created to guard against another Great Recession just issued its first landmark report on global warming.
It's widely understood that plastics litter the oceans and kill animals. But its huge and growing impact on global warming has evaded public scrutiny.
A controversial Pentagon program is fast-tracking shipments of surplus military gear to police departments that claim to be preparing for climate disasters. The consequences could be deadly.
Hopes are dimming after a lone coal-state Democrat sounded the death knell for President Joe Biden's clean electricity program.
Water officials warned that the state's "climate is transitioning to a warmer setting."
The 31-year-old journalist helps her audience make sense of the impact of colonization, history and climate change on Puerto Rico.
Here's how to help kids reduce their environmental impact from a young age.
People who live on Grand Isle have endured decades of destruction, and they've always rebuilt. This time might be different.
Walmart aims to become a regenerative company so we can all Live Better Tomorrow. In honor of this bold ambition, we’re shining a light on how you can love yourself and the planet in the same breath.
The decision comes amid increased warnings about the threat of global warming ahead of the U.N. climate summit later this month.
The Trump rule allowed agencies to ignore climate change when reviewing infrastructure projects and cut the public out of the process.
Casino giant Caesars Entertainment, a self-proclaimed industry leader on climate, is slated to welcome Heartland Institute’s annual confab of climate denial and misinformation.
A new book, "West Side Rising," tells the story of the storm that ravaged San Antonio's Latino community and gave rise to a political movement still growing today.
As temperatures continue to rise, so too are feelings of anxiety, depression and despair about our planet’s future.
The EPA rule targets an 85% reduction in hydrofluorocarbons, a class of potent greenhouse gases, by 2036.
The "Late Show" host even turned on his special "ye olden cam" to address elderly viewers.
Even if the president persuades Congress to fund his proposal, it'll still be less per year than what the U.S. spends on a single aircraft carrier.