Climate Change

The "Grace and Frankie" star marked the first virtual "Fire Drill Friday" with a nod to her past.
The COP26 was scheduled to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in November.
Hardly any ice covered the Great Lakes this winter. Is this the new normal?
The global lockdowns put in place to combat the coronavirus have also been dramatically reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
The fight against climate change isn't going away; it's going online.
Proponents hope the simple stickers will make consumers question their own use of fossil fuels.
Both are urgent global crises, both are taking lives ― but our reactions are very different. Climate experts explain why.
After a devastating storm, the island of Barbuda struggles to maintain its identity.
The activist urged her supporters to "find new ways to create public awareness & advocate for change that don’t involve too big crowds."
Citing the World Meteorological Organization’s 2019 climate assessment, António Guterres warned that global climate action is "way off track."
The Heartland Institute is the think tank paying the far-right German teen known as the “Anti-Greta.”
Hurricanes have ravaged coastal North Carolina multiple times over the last few years. Here’s how schools are trying to compensate, and plan for future disruptions.
Instead, the new craze for the South African succulent spekboom shows our obsession with silver bullet solutions to the climate crisis.
Methods meant to detect the dens where mother bears hunker down with their cubs failed more than half the time in a new study.
Seibt, a darling of the climate science denial movement, said she is a "fan" of Stefan Molyneux, a racist vlogger who has endorsed white nationalism.
Are our brains even wired to grapple with an existential crisis like climate change?
Opponents are fighting to save NEPA, a key environmental law, from what they see as an attack on democracy and environmental justice.
Kids learn what's normal from us. But now there's no normal.
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is welcoming new seeds from around the world, including the Cherokee Nation.
Aerial views of Antarctica's Eagle Island show the dramatic melting that took place during a major February heatwave.