Climate Change

Writing in The New York Times, Francis chastised governments that ignored "mounting deaths" and warned about other "unseen viruses" such as climate change.
The former Federal Reserve chair isn’t the candidate climate activists wanted, but her record gives them “a lot to be optimistic and hopeful about.”
It’s not the climate "czar" job advocates want to see, but progressives are hopeful that’s coming, too.
To the atmosphere, this year’s “return to nature” — a silver lining for some amid a deadly virus — was virtually meaningless.
Biden has pledged to rejoin the Paris climate accord and to invest $2 trillion to wean the country off planet-warming fossil fuels.
"Saving the world from the climate crisis is our common responsibility,” writes the 84-year-old spiritual leader.
The White House is reportedly expected to replace Michael Kuperberg with climate-change skeptic David Legates.
Wednesday also marked the United States' formal withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.
The Texas Railroad Commission election was widely considered the most important down-ballot climate race of 2020.
The United States has formally withdrawn from the global pact -- but the outcome of the presidential election could determine the country's future in the agreement.