Climate Change

As temperatures continue to rise, so too are feelings of anxiety, depression and despair about our planet’s future.
The EPA rule targets an 85% reduction in hydrofluorocarbons, a class of potent greenhouse gases, by 2036.
The "Late Show" host even turned on his special "ye olden cam" to address elderly viewers.
Even if the president persuades Congress to fund his proposal, it'll still be less per year than what the U.S. spends on a single aircraft carrier.
The president is facing a healthy measure of skepticism from allies during his week of high-level diplomacy.
The commitment from the Amazon founder's Earth Fund represents roughly half a percent of his net worth.
Firefighters are working to protect the 275-foot-tall sequoia known as 'The General Sherman Tree' and other nearby giants.
The president jabbed his predecessor over one of his most famous claims.
The 30-second spot puts a cheerful, patriotic face on the policy many see as the last, best chance of quickly cutting power plant emissions.