Climate Change

“There’s absolutely discussion now .. saying, ‘Hey, maybe things have changed to the point that we need this, and how do we do that?’” said an official.
“If anybody doubts the climate is changing, they must have been asleep for the last couple of years,” the president said.
German police have detained the Swedish climate activist twice in the past three days.
A state senator in Wyoming says electric vehicles don’t bother him. So why is he proposing a law to ban the sale of new ones?
Government science teams say that 2022 didn't quite set a record for heat, but it was one of the warmest on record depending on who's doing the measuring.
For almost 50 years, the oil giant has made public statements contradicting scientific research that turned out to be remarkably on point.
Last year, which saw blistering heat across Europe and historic flooding in Pakistan, tied 2015 as the fifth warmest year on record, NASA found.
“We are not and we will not be a climate policymaker,” he told a panel in Stockholm.
“The lake’s ecosystem is not only on the edge of collapse. It is collapsing,” said one researcher.
Federal regulators have been instructed to consider planet-warming pollution before approving large projects like pipelines and airports.