Clinton Global Initiative

Finally, we must never lose hope. Our efforts have proven that smart interventions can work to protect elephants and other
Bone up on the facts, before Trump recites these tired falsehoods at the closing debates.
Hillary Clinton's Innovation Army When a Mouse Dances With a Hippo Additionally, Clinton has revealed her small-business
Why are these media initiatives and others proving effective? In part, it's because media taps into our biology. First, more
It has been 11 years since President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to inspire world leaders and civil society to make Commitments to Action to tackle problems such as extreme poverty, climate change and the refugee crisis.
I first came to CGI three years ago, before anyone invited me. CGI gathers technical experts, businesses, foundations, and
Yet there is something oddly tin-eared about it, especially considering that it has been headed up by someone, Bill Clinton
CGI members have created and scaled innovative investment models--pioneering methods that have become the new standard. Please
The current media narrative on the Clinton Foundation demonstrates that critics don't understand how the foundation works.
After World War II, Americans rose from the ashes of the Great Depression together. We grew a thriving middle class and a
It has been said that networking is both an art and a science; but at Clinton Global Initiative meetings, it is the opportunity for impact. Over the past several years I have had the privilege of working with the team at CGI on issues such as redefining "First Responder" assumptions for humanitarian relief in Africa, and rethinking refugee response paradigms in the Middle East.
At the CGI America meeting in Atlanta, I was privileged to lead discussions about how we can accelerate this shift to outcomes
Just imagine if there were thousands of these idealistic recent college graduates serving as coaches to low-income students
In my last article, I started a discussion on the contrasting differences between countries and the international response
Developing countries are struggling to scale quality education for girls and ensure safe spaces where they can learn. Girls like Sa'a and Maria are proof of what girls can do for themselves and others when given the chance. Join us to reach more girls worldwide and let's make sure every girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential.
It's been reported that Millennials check their smartphones more than 40 times a day. So, what if they spent that time turning their apps, mobile devices, newsfeeds, and coding skills into a force for social impact?
As a 2012 graduate and the former student body president of Morehouse College, I am forever grateful for the ways in which an institution built to expand opportunities nearly 150 years ago has significantly shaped the kind of leader and professional I am today.
WCS's John F. Calvelli leads a panel discussion on the proposed 4(d) rule revision on ivory in the U.S. House of Representatives
It's never been easier to get started on your resolutions. Whatever you're good at and interested in, there are opportunities
Arriving back home in New York just one day before the attacks on Paris, I have since been struck by the dramatic polar opposites of the unconditional hospitality extended in Jordan, and the unfathomable acts of violence committed by ISIS.