Murray fought federal mine safety regulations for years.
The bill would expand Medicare and raise the federal minimum wage to $15, but includes loans for "clean coal" technology.
It's just the latest environmental regulatory rollback since the United States became the epicenter of COVID-19.
Vulnerable coal miners suffering from black lung disease fear what will happen if COVID-19 is added to the mix.
The conservative leader defended his government's climate policy, rejecting pleas to downsize the nation's massive coal industry.
A newly unearthed journal from 1966 shows the coal industry, like the oil industry, was long aware of the threat of climate change.
Murray Energy is the last big employer paying into the union pension fund. Its bankruptcy also endangers retirees' health care.
The union's president said climate change is real, but thinks coal miners won't be taken care of in progressives' effort to address it.
The Washington governor made the remark a day after Bernie Sanders called out the industry’s “criminality” in the Democratic debate.
The president says the state is "producing record setting numbers." In fact, it has the lowest median income in the U.S. and one of the highest poverty rates.