The conservative leader defended his government's climate policy, rejecting pleas to downsize the nation's massive coal industry.
A newly unearthed journal from 1966 shows the coal industry, like the oil industry, was long aware of the threat of climate change.
Murray Energy is the last big employer paying into the union pension fund. Its bankruptcy also endangers retirees' health care.
The union's president said climate change is real, but thinks coal miners won't be taken care of in progressives' effort to address it.
The Washington governor made the remark a day after Bernie Sanders called out the industry’s “criminality” in the Democratic debate.
The president says the state is "producing record setting numbers." In fact, it has the lowest median income in the U.S. and one of the highest poverty rates.
Chubb becomes first major U.S. insurance company to restrict coverage for coal, citing the threat of climate change.
A crisis years in the making is about to hit retired coal miners and truckers first.
Tourism revenues grew 14 percent in the state’s southeastern corner. But the remote setting poses special challenges.
The end of coal has huge environmental benefits, but the upcoming closure of the Navajo Generating Station shows coal communities need much more support.
Murray Energy worked for Wheeler for years. Now that he's Trump's EPA nominee, the coal producer ended its contract with Wheeler's old lobbying firm.
The "Late Night" host checks in on "Trump Country" to see how it's handling "winning so much."
President Trump declared last year that the U.S. "coal industry is back." But federal government figures continue to show otherwise.
The country is investing $285 million to help the miners left behind — though they are skeptical about the changing economy.
In many ways, the U.S. military stands at the vanguard of the transition to clean energy.
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Westmoreland Coal Co. is the fourth major U.S. coal company to file for bankruptcy in the past three years.
The Trump administration is reportedly taking steps to significantly weaken the 2011 Mercury and Air Toxic Standards (MATS) rule.
Pruitt resigned in July amid a slew of scandals and more than a dozen federal investigations into his behavior.