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The elder Spielberg helped design a mainframe computer in the 1950s that allowed computer scientists to develop the programming language BASIC.
Give your children as many opportunities as possible to try programming. This question originally appeared on Quora. - the
1997: ECMAScript is standardized. ECMAScript, the organization, wrote the spec for the programming language JavaScript. Prior
I think that the most common pitfall is to lose confidence early in the process. In an ideal world more people would write
Local schools are natural loci for such activities. While you don't need an excuse to inquire there about possibilities for
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There are multiple occasions where people use physical keyboards, most visibly in the recessed sections of the security headquarters
Together with partners, UN Women and nonprofit Technovation, Google's Made with Code will announce a coding challenge for
At the end of the day (I'm not committing to which day), we pull all of that together and deliver a performance for you or
It was interesting to have an Indian film industry icon, Kareena Kapoor Khan, pop up on my news feed, but the reason she popped up surprised me.
This summer Girls Who Code taught 1,560 girls computer science across the US. During the past seven weeks, girls from all over the nation got hands-on experience learning and writing code, went on field trips to local tech companies, heard from a variety of guest speakers in the field, and met weekly with their employee mentors.
At what age should children be introduced to coding, and how? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network
The gross underrepresentation of women in computer science is not just a problem for the girls who are left out. It's a problem for all of us, because we're not benefitting from the creativity girls have to offer.
Knowing how to code is the wave of the future. Being able to code helps you to break down problems procedurally and think of new ideas in terms of processes. If you see something in the world that's inefficient, a knowledge of code allows you to come up with concrete solutions.
Here are some tips that I wish I had learned before going to my first hackathon, and some things about hackathons that I wish were done differently.
What do you think we can do better? Another factor's that when schools have tech programs, they're often primarily targeting
This past February, I spent time in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, meeting with several top tech firms, to explore how
The biggest drop-off in CS education for girls is between the ages of 13 and 16 when participation plummets from 66 per cent
Yet this one appears to have gone off without any significant issues, although the price has not gone "lunar" as some Bitcoin