Computer Science

The elder Spielberg helped design a mainframe computer in the 1950s that allowed computer scientists to develop the programming language BASIC.
Give your children as many opportunities as possible to try programming. This question originally appeared on Quora. - the
1997: ECMAScript is standardized. ECMAScript, the organization, wrote the spec for the programming language JavaScript. Prior
I think that the most common pitfall is to lose confidence early in the process. In an ideal world more people would write
Local schools are natural loci for such activities. While you don't need an excuse to inquire there about possibilities for
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There are multiple occasions where people use physical keyboards, most visibly in the recessed sections of the security headquarters
Together with partners, UN Women and nonprofit Technovation, Google's Made with Code will announce a coding challenge for
At the end of the day (I'm not committing to which day), we pull all of that together and deliver a performance for you or