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As the State Department's Special Envoy for Climate Change, I represent the United States during international climate change
I've just spent an amazing week at COP22 in Marrakech. Having attended COP 15, 16 and 17, I was delighted to return to the
The result of this month's US election threw a pall over the meetings in Marrakech and could potentially represent a major setback to these efforts.
As Moroccan Environment Minister Anil M. Dave summarized, "[...] the greatest achievement of the summit was that it managed
The continent that's most at risk from the effects of climate change -- Africa -- recently played host to a major UN meeting to discuss the issue.
Unfortunately, the "Blue Zone" was only open to youth for two out of the 14 days of the conference. It was the space where
Developing countries, of which most of Africa is a part, just don't have that kind of money. That's the main reason global
An incredibly important responsibility has been entrusted to Morocco as the President and host of this year's UN climate conference. Climate change poses the most significant challenge of our time -- and we must work together across the globe to urgently address this issue.
. Within this structure, the U.S. has little if anything to lose from staying in the Paris Agreement, and much to gain. But
Decarbonizing is a long-term project, but it has to start now if we want to preserve a livable planet. So, understandably
There is no greater challenge than tackling climate change. But there is no bigger economic opportunity than renewables and clean technology. To stimulate new jobs and prosperity, the clean energy revolution is the way to go.
During my time at COP22 last week, it became clear to me that we need actions that are not only substantial in impact, but that can also be measurably felt by families and communities -- now. This is where political and social momentum can be harnessed, and spur further progress.
Our food system is massive--both physically and in regards to impacts. Agriculture occupies about 34 percent of total land
To no one's surprise but everyone's dismay, 2016 is proving to be the hottest year on record according to the World Meteorological Organization.
There is much work to do. But what we can learn from the electricity sector is that one of our founders, Bob Hunter, was right when he said that "big change looks impossible when you start and inevitable when you finish."
The only time for action is -- and will always be -- now.
Fundamentally, IT can transform our approach to sustainable business, enabling us to democratize sustainability as something
One of the ultimate injustices of climate change is that those who have contributed to it the least are those most vulnerable