Yes, you guessed it, these are all companies that are backing a Low-Carbon USA. More than 365 companies and investors have
At the same time, prices for renewable energy are falling dramatically around the world, which means the same level of investment
I've just spent an amazing week at COP22 in Marrakech. Having attended COP 15, 16 and 17, I was delighted to return to the
The result of this month's US election threw a pall over the meetings in Marrakech and could potentially represent a major setback to these efforts.
A strong signal was sent towards implementation with the launch of the NDC Partnership, to be co-chaired by the governments
The continent that's most at risk from the effects of climate change -- Africa -- recently played host to a major UN meeting to discuss the issue.
We saw this diversity first hand when we attended a rare political rally in Morocco. Thousands of people from almost every
The good news is that there is widespread recognition of the magnitude of the problem faced, and of the need to join forces
An incredibly important responsibility has been entrusted to Morocco as the President and host of this year's UN climate conference. Climate change poses the most significant challenge of our time -- and we must work together across the globe to urgently address this issue.
We need to accelerate. The backbone for a low-carbon energy system in cities is based on surplus energy. Surplus energy in