Corporate Social Responsibility

If we depend on corporate goodwill or right-wing generosity, we are all screwed.
Time has shown us that corporations and their high profile executives usually remain neutral on political issues as it is in corporations' interest to represent all customers, no matter what their political affiliation is.
With all of the tumult in the air, everyone could use a big dose of hygge right about now. As reported by Business Insider
*Daniel Wagner is Managing Director of Risk Cooperative and co-author of the book "Global Risk Agility and Decision Making
Donald Trump's presidency is the inevitable outcome of giving corporate money unbridled access to government, and represents
The sharing economy is not completely unchecked being controlled, to a certain extent, via decentralised monitoring - whereby
Based on the premise that family business base their activities around deeply embedded historical culture and values, it
The scandal that recently enveloped Wells Fargo teaches an important lesson about running an ethical business. And Wells
We are still a long way from gaining a deeper level of understanding about the operation of PPPs that seek social change