Craig Newmark

Its Graduate School of Journalism announced on Monday that Craig Newmark had donated $20 million.
How do we disrupt a tech culture that's made it difficult for women entrepreneurs to access capital? Allyson Kapin, the Founder
It took me 42 years to put to the test the lessons I learned back in Sunday school -- especially the lesson about knowing when enough is enough.
Folks, big news: the White House is hosting a South by South Lawn (SXSL) event on Monday, October 3rd. This is about civic engagement and accessibility, which is more important than ever. The deal is, the Craig Newmark Foundation is a partner in the SXSL event on the White House lawn.
Those years in corporate life provided useful lessons in humility. When companies of any size stop listening to customers
I got some help identifying and vetting these organizations from my team, as well as from a very knowledgeable friend at
Folks, I do some work to support orgs helping out service members, veterans, and their families. I figure it's the least
It's no surprise that political harassment has increased since 2014, given the highly contentious election season that we're
2. Encourage girls' involvement in Advanced Placement computer science and college-level computer science courses. 3. Foster
Folks, the Veterans Charity Challenge kicked off a few weeks ago. This is a great opportunity to support nonprofits supporting America's heroes. It's our 4th year hosting the Challenge, and we've already raised more than 44 percent more money than last year -- this is a really big deal.
More soon... Kiah Williams, cofounder of SIRUM The top prize of $50,000 went to SIRUM, a "" for unused, unexpired
I want to put clean drinking water into the hands of every person who's in Flint, Michigan. I actually spent about a decade living not too far from Flint, so this really hits close to home for me.
Craig Newmark is the founder of Craigslist and Craigconnects. Allyson Kapin has founded Women Who Tech and Rad Campaign. They are committed to leveraging technology for philanthropy and social good.
At Microsoft in Times Square this November 9, ten women-led startups will pitch their innovative and disruptive ventures was first built in 2011, and it's hard to believe that was more than 4 years ago. I wanted to create
The first-ever Women Startup Challenge Pitch Competition was a huge success in Washington, DC. 12 women-led startups pitched their innovative and disruptive ventures to a panel of tech investors at General Assembly/1776.
Every day I'm reminded that we help people put food on the table and get a job and a place to live. Maybe we have changed the world, seriously. Sure, this isn't the usual approach in Silicon Valley or anywhere else, but I'm a nerd, and a nerd's gotta do what a nerd's gotta do.
It's hard to trust the news overall when many major stories are ignored by news outlets. It's hard to trust the news when the press does so little fact-checking.
Women and girls still face overwhelming obstacles to accessing and shaping technologies. The digital gender divide might be getting worse.
Looking forward to getting this Challenge started, more to come... The Challenge is friendly fundraising competition launched