Crocs And Gators

The reptile ruffians threw down at Hilton Head Lakes golf course in South Carolina.
Saturn the alligator was once a resident of the Berlin Zoo until the facility was destroyed in a bombing raid during World War II.
It might surprise you that a thousand-mile moat isn't practical.
Florida Power & Light's Turkey Point power plant has created an ideal habitat for the reptiles.
A Tennessee police department's warning about "methed up" wildlife has gone viral. Here's what experts say.
The gator will reportedly live out his days in a sanctuary or a zoo.
Experts say alligators have tough skin and thick bones that can allow them to survive what looks like a very painful situation.
The eight-foot gator has, so far, escaped Louisiana authorities.
The homeowner went to investigate a crash at 3:30 a.m. and found the 11-foot reptile lying on her kitchen floor.
As the weather warms up so do their appetites and their desires.