Crocs And Gators

The 51-year-old man said he initially “thought it was a shark.”
The 4-foot alligator was likely kept as a pet in a bathtub before being released into Prospect Park.
The gator attacked Gloria Serge as she walked her Shih Tzu in near a retention pond in Fort Pierce, Florida.
City officials said the abandoned gator was likely dumped as an unwanted pet.
The chase was on in Botswana between the hungry reptile and the desperate buck.
The hungry reptile clamped down, but its prey attempted to reverse its misfortune in South Africa.
An Idaho resident who was walking their dog reportedly spotted the 3.5-foot animal hiding in brush.
The embattled nyala had tough choices to make in South Africa.
Video shows a young girl helping her 7-year-old reptile, Wally, cool off in Love Park in Philadelphia.
The 34-year-old was swimming in Lake Thonotosassa when the alligator struck, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.