Crocs And Gators

The 34-year-old was swimming in Lake Thonotosassa when the alligator struck, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
Zachary will be headed to a sanctuary where a better life is ahead of him.
She fell into a pond and was attacked as she struggled to stay afloat, officials said.
Albion College, home to the Whitehouse Nature Center, asked people to "remain vigilant around bodies of water."
The giant reptile was captured and euthanized on site.
And that's why you never belly-flop without looking first.
An alligator tried to turn a Florida photographer’s camera into dinner.
A predator got too close and paid the price in Zambia.
An alligator pulled a handler into its pen, whipping around and clamping its jaws as the woman struggled to break free.
“The only thing I can think is maybe he was pumping iron all during COVID or something and planned his escape. I don’t know," the perplexed zoo owner said.