It's more likely to happen later in the summer, they say, but the Treasury may find out in April that there are only weeks left to act.
The brief remarks come ahead of President Joe Biden’s annual State of the Union speech Tuesday.
The Treasury Department says it has started taking “extraordinary measures” as the government has brushed up against its legal borrowing capacity of $38.381 trillion.
The outgoing House Budget chairman said bypassing the issue in the lame duck period is akin to giving Republicans “a legislative nuclear weapon.”
With receding prospects for a quick fix in the lame-duck session, worries about the world’s largest securities market grow.
Black women carry the highest amount of student loan debt and are the most likely to be underpaid and underemployed.
"Who in the hell do they think they are?" he asked an audience at Delaware State University. But a court's temporary stay on the program rained on his parade.
There will be major debt limit drama next year if Republicans prevail in the midterm elections.
The government came perilously close to defaulting in the 2011 debt limit fight, and if Republicans win the midterms, another fight looms.
Twitter users mocked the former baseball pitcher, whose video game company defaulted on a $75 million loan from the state of Rhode Island in 2012.