How Jim Gavin got his start, thought up the Lodge and how "laughter is a prayer."
Whether it's your own debt, that of a deceased parent or one that isn't even real, a federal proposal would clear the way for collection agencies to shake you down.
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs went off after another host on the network slammed Trump over the debt and deficit.
There's a chance your family could be on the hook for it.
The new proposal from the 2020 presidential candidate would get rid of all the existing student loan debt in the country.
After a car crash severely injured his son, a father realized how fortunate his family still is, which inspired him to help other families that can't afford the excellent medical care his son received.
The infamous TurboTax bill -- which no longer benefits the tax prep industry -- has another important provision.
A physician married to a psychologist got very sick. As expenses mount, these providers are experiencing the woes of American health care from the other side.
Two-year-old Maxwell Freed has a rare genetic disorder. His mother needs $1 million to save him.
Outrageous health care costs and a merciless system are forcing Americans to raise money from strangers, revealing the ugly truths about U.S. health care.
The roots of the recent TurboTax debacle go back to another bipartisan rip-off.
One in 15 borrowers with exceptionally high debt loads have considered suicide, according to one survey.
More support for college expenses would have changed my life and ultimately, it could affect the chances our country has to achieve greatness in the future.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has proposed a plan that would tax the wealthy to help rid students of debt.
“The time for half-measures is over,” the Democratic presidential candidate said. “My broad cancellation plan is a real solution to our student debt crisis."
"It makes you feel like a failure but getting a bankruptcy can actually be a blessing."
“I fundamentally believe that debt is not a shame," the Democrat from Georgia said.