Delta Air Lines

The lack of clear disclosure added a new layer of panic for workers whose union organizing efforts the airline is battling.
The cause of death for Sebastian, a 12-week-old Yorkshire terrier puppy, is unclear.
Ed Bastian tried to calm the battle over reclining airplane seats, but only served to ratchet it up sky high.
“The last time someone touched me without my say-so was when I was kidnapped, and I froze,” the Utah kidnapping and rape survivor told "CBS This Morning."
The airline engaged in discriminatory conduct against the Muslim travelers in 2016, the Transportation Department said.
Planes do dump jet fuel in emergency landings, but this one flew at low altitude over a populated area, affecting nearly 60 children and adults.
A Delta flight discharged fuel over schools in south Los Angeles County during an emergency landing, affecting over 50 children and adults.
The airline responded to her remarks on Twitter, explaining that “most” of their aircraft with “seatback screens have closed captioning.”
The uninflated slide fell from a flight from Paris to Boston around noon Sunday.
The airline is making the change after "Booksmart" director Olivia Wilde complained on social media.
The airline said it would "review our processes" after Wilde and others complained that the film's LGBTQ content had been removed for the in-flight version.
Fly Jet Blue for Terra chips and Delta for Biscoff cookies.
The singer serenaded Sharon Cook and Andrew Aitchison in a surprise gig in Las Vegas.
Federal prosecutors say the Chicago-based agent bilked the Delta SkyBonus program.
Solo passenger Vincent Peone said he was tempted to try and sit in every single seat on the plane.
The federal agency clarified its policies on service animals, overriding Delta's ban on pit bulls and on emotional support animals on long flights.
Gabriel Lyle Schroeder was found to be in possession of an alcohol container and appeared to be impaired.
“After we heard the boom we just saw all this smoke come up into the cabin, and that’s when we really started freaking out,” said one passenger.
Someone in the airline's operations control center feared attendants might walk off the plane after working long hours. So they ordered the door closed.
Marlin Jackson said he had to get 28 stitches after a fellow passenger's dog lunged for his face.