Difference Maker: Social Impact

Older dogs are less likely to find new homes than younger ones are.
These difference makers are repurposing would-be waste to enrich their communities and the environment is better for it.
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For many, achieving the American Dream depends on access to public transit.
At Miami Dade College, Sarah Garman is helping hundreds of students a month with the North Campus Food Pantry.
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It's the first tree to be donated by a same-sex or Latina couple, who hope it will be admired by millions this season.
A lone gunman killed 58 people and wounded more than 600 others last year.
This actor said he publicly acknowledged he's gay at the same time as his character so that others feel less alone.
Whether it's at school, on the soccer field or online, here's how you can help.
On Transgender Day of Remembrance and beyond, feminists need to step it up.