Difference Maker: Technology and Education

A staggering percentage of kids in New Orleans experience trauma. Safe spaces at schools are hard to come by.
At CCCBSD, caring teachers help children with special needs gain access to the rich academic environment they need.
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Each student will receive an annual scholarship of $55,018 regardless of their financial situation.
Their unconventional and holistic approaches to learning are impacting entire families for the better.
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The record gift aims to open the "door of opportunity" for lower- and middle-income students.
The former Kate Middleton was visiting a garden when a youngster asked her about the prying photographers.
But surprisingly, younger people don't use it as much themselves.
They hope the teacher walkouts will catapult more teachers into government.
More than 98 million girls under 18 are not currently in school, Michelle Obama is looking to change that.
Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell is creating a scholarship for women, refugees and minorities to study physics.
Mykehia Curry, a student from Macon, needed help with dorm supplies. So she sent a prayer up to the sky.
A scientist and a teacher are on a road trip across America to talk about global warming.
The best way to remove the distance between ourselves and "other" people is to find common ground.
“I wanted people to see where I came from and how I could keep up with them,” Atlanta student says.
The senders hope it brings a small measure of comfort.
Mental health workers are overstretched, and budgets are tight. But demand for care is soaring.
Mattel’s latest offering also wants to teach girls how to code right now.
The "Sex and the City" alum and gubernatorial candidate saluted 21-year-old son Seph on Trans Day of Action.
Empathy is a skill parents can cultivate.
Here’s why we should make Juneteenth a national holiday.