The house features orange and purple walls, with towering dinosaur sculptures and colored mushrooms dotting the lawn.
The blockbuster sequel rides a wave of interest in its "final" preview.
“I will probably spend the rest of my career working on this site," said paleontologist Robert Gay.
“My heart was racing," paleontologist Joe Sertich said. "I realized it was a pretty important dinosaur find."
The print, found in Western Australia, is about 27 inches longer than the last suspected record-holder.
A few years ago Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, then a Ph.D. student in Arhat Abzhanov's lab at Harvard, did something pretty incredible
Jamie Hiscock of East Sussex, England has a knack for spotting incredibly preserved remnants of life. Five years ago, he
What Do You Do With a Cloud Connected Dinosaur? CogniToys Dino is still a little rough around the edges. Sometimes the response