Walt Disney

The Disney star’s support comes after the new trailer for the live-action reboot was disliked on Youtube over 600,000 times.
"Working with my son to help tell his story has been a highlight of my career. Of my life."
The "Late Show" host delivers a scathing fact-check for the "big dumb a-hole" Florida governor.
"I didn’t want to let you down," the actor and singer explained to former Disney Channel co-stars David DeLuise and Jennifer Stone in a new interview.
The Florida governor has decided that sparing Floridians thousands of tax dollars is more important than revenge on Mickey Mouse.
The Florida governor rattled off a Trump-esque string of false and misleading statements – and even showed off his signature on the bill, just like the former president.
At least two attempts were made to censor the late night host, Rolling Stone reported.
Ty and Haley Kelly now admit that “with influence comes responsibility.”
"I didn’t see any of the negativity," said the Grammy-nominated singer and actor, who stars as Ariel in the remake of the Disney film.
The Florida-based Kelly family went viral for a video where they added an inch to their toddler's shoes so he could meet ride height requirements.