Distracted Driving

The soccer great got hit with more than a red card.
The driver had a second pig in the car and said he didn't want them to get cold.
Ben Lieberman created the breathalyzer of texting, or “textalyzer,” following his son’s death in a car crash caused by distracted driving.
It's an important question for all parents to ask, and unfortunately, the answer can be troubling.
"Lawsuits against: fast food or any number of drive-thru restaurants for accidents caused when a driver gets distracted with
3. Eat before, after, or just pull over. 1. Keep your phone far, far away. Five seconds is the average time your eyes are
Have you ever picked up your cellphone to talk, text or look up directions while driving through New Braunfels? If so, you
“That's what I get for playing this dumb-ass game."
But we have survived. Life does go on and we laugh and enjoy life. We think of Casey today more often with smiles than with
July 17th will be the 7th anniversary of my 21 year-old daughter Casey's death. She was killed by a distracted driver. In the days, weeks and months following Casey's death I wondered whether her short life would be remembered.
We need to hold a high value to human life, and respect it. By following laws and morals, we can try to prevent more deaths from automobiles. With the numbers always increasing, we can't afford not to do anything about it.
It is an incredibly sad case and is a situation that could happen to any driver on the road. Once the app is loaded, all
FOMO and Constant Distraction We actually have to be legislated into stopping. There's a proposed Bill in New Jersey to punish