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"Because Emulator is just a MIDI controller, it can be used for lighting, video, audio," Smithson said. "This is not a DJ
Watch as host Katie Linendoll checks out the latest in touchscreen technology and where it is going in the future.
Watch as host Katie Linendoll discusses futuristic cooking in our latest video of Driving Ingenuity.
But as with any new technology, 4K TVs aren't cheap. On average, a 4K TV costs $4,999. However, manufacturers like Seiki
First is the Winston Show, an iPad app created by ToyTalk. The program lets kids join a talk show in which computer-generated
Soccer isn't the only sport that's tapping into real-time stats. According to Sports Illustrated, at least 13 NFL teams have
Watch as host Katie Linendoll discusses the future of sports tech performance and the advancements and adoption of fitness apps, in the second episode of Driving Ingenuity.
Now we are on the verge of 802.11AC, better known as 5G WiFi, which is three times faster than the current WiFi standards
"It's a real individual experience, and I wanted to try to create a 'we' experience, where from 'I' to 'we' I would be able
Watch as host Katie Linendoll discusses the future of Wi-Fi, in the first episode of Driving Ingenuity.
For the connoisseurs at allRGB.com, the RGB model is a new way to challenge artists. There's plenty of art in black and white
"Usually companies launch a product and consumers can buy it," Hakkens says. "I wanted to see if I could do it the other
Passwords are our default method of securing digital privacy -- but they aren't very secure. Criminals can pick up passwords
Merabet hopes the video game could be a first step in improving assisted technology for the blind, particularly teenagers