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"Because Emulator is just a MIDI controller, it can be used for lighting, video, audio," Smithson said. "This is not a DJ
Watch as host Katie Linendoll checks out the latest in touchscreen technology and where it is going in the future.
The Huffington Post's Katie Linendoll recently sat down with Dave Arnold, a partner at the bar Booker and Dax in New York
Watch as host Katie Linendoll discusses futuristic cooking in our latest video of Driving Ingenuity.
"It's a lot more detail, subtleties in the picture," Curt Behlmer, chief technology officer of Technicolor, told The Huffington
"The game comes with two characters, and each one has its own personality," Anki CEO Boris Sofman said, adding that the more
Soccer isn't the only sport that's tapping into real-time stats. According to Sports Illustrated, at least 13 NFL teams have
Watch as host Katie Linendoll discusses the future of sports tech performance and the advancements and adoption of fitness apps, in the second episode of Driving Ingenuity.
Now we are on the verge of 802.11AC, better known as 5G WiFi, which is three times faster than the current WiFi standards
"They're the only headphones in the world that let you literally share the song as you're listening to it with Facebook, with