Most nations have banded together to tackle the crisis, but the U.S. keeps undermining their efforts.
After World War II, brands encouraged a throwaway culture that's now drowning the world in trash.
The measure was hailed by environmental groups, which called the products "unnecessary" and harmful to the planet.
The artist was inspired by real whales that have died from having pounds of plastic in their bellies.
Disposable diapers made from plastic components are a godsend for parents but a nightmare for the planet.
Most Americans have no idea how to recycle, a new study finds.
As the world struggles to cope with its garbage, places like this suffer the most.
Most clothing contains synthetic materials that shed plastic fibers.
States around the country have taken on single-use plastic products in recent years in an attempt to protect the environment.
How neighbors in a small town exposed the dirtiest secrets of our broken recycling system.
Local businesses worry the strict policies would force them to close shop.
People around the world are posting photos of their good deeds.
"We have a duty to future generations to clean up the mess that has been made," said a sponsor of the bill now awaiting the governor's signature.
New recycling centers in Indonesia offer residents a place to exchange plastic garbage for money, using blockchain technology.
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Capitalism, greed and inequality have created a crisis in the global recycling system.
The iconic New Orleans party favors are getting an eco-friendly makeover.
The Wally Shop delivers fresh produce and dry goods in cloth bags and glass jars.
The measure, meant to curtail ocean pollution, outlaws products that get thrown away after a single use.