The waterfowl made a splash on Twitter after someone made a false claim about him. But the tweets will still quack you up.
Police Officers in California came to the rescue after ducklings found themselves stuck in a storm drain.
Traffic backed up as the seemingly neverending queue of more than 40 ducks just kept coming.
An appeals court overturned a 2015 decision that struck down the ban.
It triggers an epizootic -- a disease event involving a species of animal in a specific area -- rather than an epidemic, a
And communities that receive the socioeconomic benefits of their energy sector when the benefits of the company are reinvested
This is the country's first bird flu outbreak in nearly two years.
Why do these videos go viral? Maybe because "animals can melt the human heart, tickle the funny bone or bring us to tears
"He was in his 80s and his doctor had put him on a special diet," Dave remembered. "He came over one day and said he wasn't
For the past 6 years, Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog of mobile masterpiece gastroPod, has brought together all sorts of pig admirers for the wildly successful, event PIG (pork is good). This Saturday, he will be introducing something new to the game - Duck, Duck, Goose.