Seems everyone’s becoming vegan nowadays or at least giving it a go. But can cutting out all animal products really contribute to the efforts to curb climate change and save the planet?
Three cosmonauts drifted down to Earth from the International Space Station, landing in a remote part of Kazakhstan.
Orginally, scientists thought organic compounds in the rock may have been left by living creatures, but the marks were actually caused by salty water.
An asteroid that experts say is about as big as two Empire State Buildings is expected to come within 1,231,184 miles of Earth on Jan. 18.
The three Christian clerics issued a joint appeal for delegates at the upcoming U.N. climate summit to “listen to the cry of the Earth” and make sacrifices to save the planet.
The meteor first appeared about 90 kilometers (55 miles) north of the capital, Oslo, and continued its trail in a southwest direction before fragmenting in several flashes of light.
“It was just a big quick (gulp), gone,” said Patrick Brady, an astrophysicist at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.
Astronomers calculated that 1,715 stars in our galactic neighborhood have had an unobstructed view of Earth during human civilization.
Currently, astronauts just wear their underwear, gym clothes and everything else until they can’t take the filth and stink anymore, then junk them.
Debris from the explosive crash of the planet Theia into an infant Earth is also widely believed to have formed the moon.