"I write every day, even if it’s a piece of complete garbage," the famed composer said.
The spacey object was discovered in March, but will make its closest approach to Earth in two weeks.
A new study suggests bugs are disappearing at a rate of just under 1% a year,
Could Mad Mike Hughes be more representative of our current warped political, social and economic times?
A flat-earther was killed after launching himself into the air with a steam-powered rocket in a bid to prove that the earth isn't round.
The "flat Earth" conspiracy theorist was killed while filming a new series for the Science Channel. He was 64.
2019 was the second-hottest year in recorded history according to the latest climate data.
Above-normal temperatures are expected to continue throughout the rest of the fall.
It’s the only exoplanet known so far to have both water and temperatures needed for life.