After two quakes shook Southern California, here are some tips to get ready and stay safe before the next one strikes.
“This was a very good wakeup call, essentially,” an emergency official said before urging residents to think about preparedness.
Photos and videos of the damage captured attention on social media after the quake, which caused no reported fatalities.
Fires, building collapses and injuries were all reported in the latest of what officials believe could be a continuing string of dangerous temblors.
The quake struck about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, with no injuries reported.
It all comes down to luck and strong building codes.
Two earthquakes destroyed roads and buildings throughout Anchorage, Alaska.
Two earthquakes destroyed roads and buildings throughout Anchorage, Alaska.
Shattered roads and collapsed ceilings were among the damage done.
The 7.0 magnitude quake struck just 10 miles from Anchorage, a city of 300,000 people.
Officials have lifted a tsunami warning that was issued shortly after the earthquake.
Recent earthquakes and a tsunami devastated two of the country's islands, killing thousands and causing damage in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
The death toll from the disaster has risen to over 1,900 -- but that number could more than triple, officials say.
More than 180 people were also injured by the quake in Port-de-Paix and Gros-Morne.
Thousands were injured and more than 70,000 displaced from their homes.
Soputan is on the northern part of Sulawesi island, where a central region was severely damaged by an earthquake and tsunami last Friday.
That number is expected to rise as rescuers haven't reached many of the affected areas.
The toll of more than 800 dead is largely from the city of Palu and is expected to rise as areas cut off by the damage are reached.