Stimulus Package

The same bill getting all the blame for inflation gets some credit for reducing material hardship last year.
“I am confident, frankly ― not only optimistic, but I am confident that we will reach a deal," Vice President Kamala Harris said.
The New York Democrat admitted the enhanced pandemic benefits were still doomed but said someone at least had to try.
Incomes rose and poverty fell thanks in large part to stimulus payments Congress approved last year, while health insurance levels held steady.
Meanwhile, Democrats are celebrating their new policy and vowing to make it permanent.
Some of the biggest hikes were in states whose Republican senators voted against $1,400 stimulus checks, according to new government data.
Legal aid attorneys say the government is mistakenly docking benefits because of coronavirus rebate payments.
Reaching the poorest American families will require a massive outreach operation.
Biden is trying to have it both ways when it comes to unemployment benefits.
America's most disruptive president didn't just spend a lot of money.