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Is Google preparing students to depend on its products to think for them?
As many students continue to work with the same teachers, the teachers themselves become invested in the success of their
Works cited: Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview, 2015, Pew Research Center, 2015. Digital Natives, Yet Strangers on
A strong digital footprint is a key to professional success in the 21st-century so that individual achievements, skills, and
This blog is sponsored by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation Another part of the negative experience with programs that
How video games affect the human brain is always up for debate. Every few years, a study comes around that trumpets the supposed detrimental effect they have -- followed by a separate study that refutes those findings.
Education technology is quickly growing into a loud, crowded and even confusing space. However, with thousands of startups coming on board every day, how do we break through all the noise? As any teacher would tell you, the bottom line for any educational product must answer one fundamental question: Does the tool or resource help teachers make learning more effective for their students?
The constant interruptions to correct posture or to stop any sign of life arising in the children made the story unintelligible
Laurence, your students inspired you to write this book. What historical narrative on the UN were they lacking? Laurence
There is a new type of entrepreneur quickly rising in almost every city in America. They have a significant impact on the lives of many people. Do you know someone in education who is motivated, mission-driven, passionate, smart, and can create something new?