Elizabeth Holmes

From Anna "Delvey" Sorokin to Elizabeth Holmes and Lori Loughlin, let's reminisce on the law's most memorable sartorial moments.
The streaming service also announced a new series featuring Kate McKinnon as Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, and the renewals of "PEN15" and "Ramy."
The disgraced Theranos CEO looks pretty different without her signature turtleneck.
Julie Foh speculates Holmes, who's under indictment, seeks respect by lowering her voice.
Experts weigh in on what makes us interested in fraudsters like Billy McFarland and Elizabeth Holmes.
The disgraced Theranos CEO wouldn't answer questions about her former investors.
The problems soon pile up for the host of "The Late Late Show."
The Theranos founder claimed that her diet gave her energy and required her to sleep less. Experts say otherwise.
Steve Jobs favored the Japanese designer, and the disgraced ex-CEO of Theranos is a fan. Here's what you should know about his career.