Elizabeth Holmes

Silicon Valley's fallen star is serving time at a minimum-security Texas prison for misleading investors in her blood-testing startup.
The disgraced founder of the Theranos blood-testing company will have “limited financial resources" upon her release from prison, her lawyers said.
The Theranos founder was sentenced in November to 135 months for lying to investors about what she had claimed was a revolutionary blood-testing device.
The original class-action lawsuit alleged that Walgreens knew Theranos' tests were "unreliable."
Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes will remain free through the Memorial Day weekend before surrendering to authorities on May 30.
“They’re not playing me,” said Holmes. “They’re playing a character I created.”
The disgraced Theranos founder asked to remain free while she appeals her fraud conviction.
The 38-year-old cited her recently born child as another reason to delay the start of her more than 11-year prison sentence.
The Theranos founder booked a one-way ticket to Mexico set to depart after her conviction, a new court filing revealed.
Prosecutors had asked for 15 years behind bars for Balwani, the former romantic partner of Elizabeth Holmes.