Endangered Species

The brown bears could lose protections in the northern Rocky Mountains.
The new plan threatens to spur another yearslong battle over wolf hunting.
Retailers pulled the crustaceans from shelves after sustainability groups said the lobster industry poses risks to endangered whales. The Bidens just ordered 200.
For the first time in nearly a hundred years, bald eagles are nesting in New York City.
After a major population recovery, the Yellowstone grizzly bear will be removed from the endangered species list. But they might wish they stayed on it.
The Arizona eryngo has been listed as endangered, giving environmentalists a "new new ability" to protect the plant and the wetlands it depends on.
The Endangered Species Act of 1973 protects over a thousand species of plants and animals. However, its own future hangs in the balance as the House Committee on Natural Resources hears from bills that aim to weaken its power.
Using the law to protect America’s national mammal could have major consequences.
Authorities allege the animal trainer laundered more than half a million dollars that came from an operation to smuggle people across the Mexican border.
“The court’s decision allows California to protect some of its most endangered pollinators."