Endangered Species

The lawsuit comes one month after a legal challenge from environmental groups.
News of the deaths comes three years after nearly 150 tigers were removed from Tiger Temple over trafficking and abuse claims.
Agency officials have slammed the 1973 law as “a sword to tear down the American economy" and likened species listings to "incoming Scud missiles."
Environmentalists see the rule as another handout to industry amid rising alarm that the ecosystems on which humans rely are collapsing.
Poaching is a multi-billion dollar industry run by gangs. Meet the women waging a war against it.
Authorities said the southern California teen kept the extremely rare creature in a plastic drawer that lacked ventilation holes.
A review and public comment process could lead to import restrictions on hunting trophies and body parts from giraffes.
A tourist has been arrested for drugging an orangutan and trying to keep it as a pet.
Andrei Zhestkov, 27, told authorities he'd intended on keeping the two-year-old animal as a pet.
Florida sheriff vows "abuse of animals will not be tolerated on my watch."
One of the cubs has black fur with black rosettes, making her particularly rare.
“We’re going to fight this in any way possible," said Jamie Clark of Defenders of Wildlife.
Justice Brett Kavanaugh didn't participate in the case, which was a victory for landowners.
The warmer ocean waters of climate change entice the turtles to linger too long too far north.
A senior Chinese cabinet official said that last month’s order to partially lift a 25-year ban on the two animal products had been “postponed after study.”
As prenatal testing reduces their numbers at birth, an advocacy group argues they belong on the endangered list.
Critics say shifting more control to states could dismantle protections for endangered species.
The move comes just days before Idaho and Wyoming were set to allow the hunting of 23 bears.
Authorities are also investigating the deaths of 113 sea turtles; they were found in the southern state of Chiapas earlier this month.
The men were captured on video camera installed by wildlife officials, say police.