Entrepreneur Spotlight

"The learning journey took me on an even deeper personal journey and provided me with the empowerment to stretch myself" I
Every day, Americans wake up to frightening headlines from all across the globe. Warring factions of terrorist groups, especially in the Middle East and Africa, show no signs of desiring peace, and the threat of nuclear attack is ever present.
No matter your situation in life, you can change your circumstances. You have all the capability within yourself to make good things happen. And while pursuing your goals, you can enjoy every minute of it.
In many ways, an entrepreneur's career is like a football game. Both combine a swift pace with a highly competitive atmosphere. The "game" is divided into four quarters. In the first quarter you assess the other team's strengths and weaknesses based on your scouting report.
Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Running a business can be challenging, and it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve a high level of success. Whether you're already in business, or looking to start a business, it pays to heed the advice of others who have walked in your shoes.
Reilly was curious. So he quit his job and spent the next few years playing detective, interviewing folks like Zappos CEO
To be the new Scialo Brothers' baker means arriving at work at 6 a.m. -- a relatively late start in the baking world -- to
What was the feeling of waking up and finding your candy was gone? Michael: When he went online, what he found quite easily
Jessica Herrin, founder of Stella & Dot, sells jewelry. In fact, she sells lots of it -- $100 million worth last year alone -- by combining personal service with an e-commerce platform and social media. Herrin calls it "social selling."
I never saw him as deprived. He graduated from the best high school in D.C., went to UCLA and participated in all the things
Through SHFT, Glatzer and Grenier also highlight small business innovations, such as Bionic Yarn -- a soft, durable material
Half your employees are veterans and 10 percent are wounded warriors. Did you start your company specifically with a goal
After a decade in investment banking, in late 2009, Peterson learned that a friend's marijuana dispensary was clearing $18
What would you say to the many other people who are dealing with numerous job rejections? What was your mindset after having
What was the key to getting sober? I lost my license, so I had to go back to beauty school. I hadn't done hair in six years
What were you most surprised by, being on the other side of the system? Did you feel you were genuinely helping people as
Nonprofit organizations were making treadle pumps available to farmers and subsidizing the drilling costs, but then they
Do you see any way the story of your own life has come full circle? How did you transition from the military to making millions
Nancy, is it hard personally for you knowing that you started this business because of John's death? Name: Nancy Bush and
What was your reaction when you realized you had lost your sight completely? When Alex Elman was diagnosed with juvenile