Despite high-profile Cabinet defections, the heads of the Interior and Energy departments and EPA are staying put.
The 44-year-old Regan, North Carolina's top environmental regulator, would be the first Black man to run the Environmental Protection Agency.
"Someone who advised DuPont on how to avoid regulations is not someone we want advising this new administration,” the activist wrote in a scathing op-ed.
Three rules set to finalize before Joe Biden’s inauguration could create a headache for his administration.
Agency employees signed on to the most vocal condemnation from within the government of the president's orders yet.
To reverse Trump’s scorched-earth politicking at the Environmental Protection Agency, Democrats want a solid résumé and a bent toward environmental justice.
After Trump banned diversity trainings in sweeping guidelines, employees compared the atmosphere at the agency to the Red Scare.
Massachusetts Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey called the agency's actions "extremely troubling."
Even Exxon Mobil and BP oppose the EPA’s decision to eliminate regulations on methane.