The regulation that was too weak to stop the Flint water crisis is getting some mild improvements -- but lead pipes can stay.
In a new letter, EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler alleged the state has failed to “carry out its most basic tasks under the Clean Air Act."
The president lamented the homelessness crisis throughout California this week, saying it was hurting some cities' "prestige."
Environmentalists say the move would leave millions of Americans with less safe drinking water and damage wetlands that prevent flooding.
Animal advocates praised the Environmental Protection Agency's plan, but an environmental group condemned it as a gift to the chemical industry.
The Trump administration is removing restrictions to "please the chemical industry," Earthjustice attorney charges.
After years of suffering, the people of North Birmingham don’t expect regulation to amount to environmental justice.
The Environmental Protection Agency is set to roll back limits on Methane, a major greenhouse gas.
Even some oil and gas companies oppose the EPA plan to loosen regulation of the potent greenhouse gas.
Trump reportedly told EPA head Andrew Wheeler to grant 31 waivers exempting refineries from using corn-based ethanol.
"This issue warrants further analysis and additional discussions by EPA," said agency head Andrew Wheeler.
Republican states' lawsuits halted the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. Now Democrats hope to replicate the model.
“Cyanide traps can’t be used safely by anyone, anywhere,” says the Center for Biological Diversity. "We need a permanent nationwide ban."
Pollution has plagued this Birmingham, Alabama, neighborhood for decades. Will anything ever change?
Federalism is sacrosanct for conservatives, that is, unless a state wants to set stricter pollution rules or protect minorities' civil rights.
The Trump administration handed big industry another win.
Meanwhile, President Donald Trump said last week that clean air and water is a "top priority."
The Environmental Protection Agency recently approved the use of a bee-killing insecticide on millions of acres of farmland.
Environmentalists slam the Trump administration's "reckless" move as honeybee colonies collapse.
Republican Christine Todd Whitman said Trump knows he's "on shaky ground" going into the 2020 election.