Eric Ryan

Resumes, of course, still matter. (And lying on them, as recently departed Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson learned the hard way
2. Suprise people. 1. Keep your brand message consistent. "To succeed in social media, your campaigns have to generate a
Black Friday marks the chaotic kickoff to the holiday shopping season. This year, an estimated 152 million Americans -- yes
Jennifer Hill Startup Advisory and Venture Lawyer, Gunderson Dettmer LLP "The Advocate" "The biggest thing I learned was
Eric Ryan Co-Founder and Chief Brand Architect, Method "The Soap Guy" "Only good things can come from reducing the deficit
Lexy Funk Co-Founder and CEO, Brooklyn Industries "The Contrarian" "Ideally, Twitter is Haiku poetry. In reality, it is most
"The Validator" Julie Jumonville Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer, UpSpring Baby "The Mad Scientist" "UpSpring Baby
"The Sniper And Lil' Snipes" While there are only 24 hours in a day, most busy entrepreneurs could probably use twice as
Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But the reality is, historically, more businesses are started during and after recessions than
Rob Adams Director, Texas Venture Labs at the University of Texas "The Validator" "Where are you and what are you doing 10