Extreme Weather

Wide swaths of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are without power and running water.
The storm knocked out the power grid and unleashed floods and landslides in Puerto Rico, where the governor said the damage was “catastrophic.”
Forecasters said the storm threatened to dump “historic” levels of rain on Sunday and Monday, with up to 30 inches possible in eastern and southern Puerto Rico.
After a 10-day heat wave that nearly overwhelmed the electrical grid, Southern California got cooler weather but also a ferocious tropical storm.
Temperatures have reached 117 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of the state, which is suffering through a deep drought.
Officials fear blackouts in nation's largest state as a blistering heat wave rockets temperatures into the triple digits.
Visitors flocked to the national park to experience the incredible heat on Thursday.
Countries all over the world faced brutal heatwaves and droughts during the summer months.
About 22,000 Colorado customers lost access to their smart thermostats as temperatures reportedly rose to 90 degrees on Tuesday.
Temperatures may reach into the mid-110s in inland areas while thousands of acres of land burn in Southern California.