Extreme Weather

A record-breaking winter storm has killed more than a dozen people across the country. In Texas, millions are without power as electrical grids fail due to snow and cold. In North Carolina, a deadly tornado ripped a county to pieces.
The storm made landfall on Florida's Atlantic coast early Thursday.
Authorities in Oklahoma say at least one person has died as tornadoes ravaged areas of that state and neighboring Texas, leaving some people trapped and dozens of homes in ruins.
Former Hurricane Roslyn slammed into a sparsely populated stretch of Mexico's Pacific coast between the resorts of Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan.
Hurricane Roslyn has grown to Category 4 force as it heads for a collision with Mexico’s Pacific coast, likely north of the resort of Puerto Vallarta.
Hurricane Ian has regained some strength after exiting Florida and taking aim at South Carolina.
The destruction was likened to a large tornado having barreled through, with homes and buildings "completely gone.”
Flying inside a Category 4 storm is definitely not for nervous travelers.
Drought is leading to the phenomenon, which is threatening drinking water.
The devastating storm went through a "rapid intensification" this week, as the warm water in the Gulf of Mexico supercharges an already deadly weather event.