A woman filmed the viral "Star Wars" moment from her apartment balcony -- "only in Colorado."
You may be exposing more than you like if you don't update these basic Facebook features.
Facebook’s cooperation is a major victory in Australian efforts to make the gateways to the Internet pay for the journalism that they use.
Australia has moved forward with a proposal to force social media and search companies to pay media outlets for their content.
Users who spread anti-vaccine conspiracies may see themselves banned.
Protesters denounced the military coup and demanded the release of elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Volunteers are helping older people clear the daunting hurdles of state-run registration systems that are poorly organized and rely heavily on technology.
The MSNBC host came down hard on Mark Zuckerberg's company, labeling it a "reckless as hell" monopoly with "no accountability."
The CEO implied that platforms like Facebook and Twitter had prioritized conspiracy theories due to their "high rates of engagement."
“[T]here are too many coincidences to ignore,” the Republican congresswoman claimed in 2019.