The far-right conspiracy theory has been seeping into anti-vaccination pages all over social media.
Quinn's personal battle with ALS helped raise more than $220 million for medical research into what's commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.
Dozens of groups resembling a large "Stop the Steal" page that Facebook already shut down continue to be active as the election drags on.
Social media company also reportedly instituted emergency measures it uses in volatile nations considered "at risk."
Baseless claims of Democratic attempts to rig the election are mobilizing the president’s supporters to rally in the streets.
The social media giant now says candidate claims they've won a state before the ballots are counted will come with a disclaimer.
After Fox News declared Arizona a victory for Joe Biden, the president baselessly claimed Democrats "are trying to STEAL the Election."
Far-right conspiracy theorists have used Facebook to plan rallies and convoys around the country.
Just days from the election, the tech giant wrongly blocked thousands of Biden ads due to “technical flaws” — and that's only the beginning.