A parody ad for a Mark Zuckerberg-themed holiday toy shows what would happen if Santa's spy met Facebook's algorithm.
Massachusetts AG Maura Healey accused Meta, formerly Facebook, of "exploiting children in the interest of profit."
The social media giant "failed to act" in the face of "coordinated" attacks on the Duchess of Sussex, says Color of Change President Rashad Robinson.
Republican Rep. Jeff Hoverson said he is taking the deworming drug ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment, and has not checked into a hospital.
Doug -- who got that name because he was "dug" up -- weighs 17 pounds, well above the current potato record of 11 pounds.
Some limited uses for Facebook's facial recognition software will remain, however.
Mark Zuckerberg and his team are hardly the only tech visionaries with ideas on how the metaverse should take shape.
The "Late Show" host has a simple way of handling the social network and its upcoming "metaverse."
CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday that his company will now be known as "Meta."
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company is rebranding itself as Meta, an effort to encompass its virtual-reality vision for the future.
Stay tuned — there's more still to come.
Leaked documents show how Trump's social media posts ignited more anger following the police killing of George Floyd.
The social network's response raises questions about whether the company prioritized controversy and division over the health of its users.
A new report revealed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was “personally involved” in reinstating a false anti-abortion video after Republican politicians complained about its deletion.
Zuckerberg was "personally involved" in a decision to reinstate the video after Republican politicians complained about its deletion, said The Financial Times.
The social media network's net income grew 17% in the July-September period to $9.19 billion, buoyed by strong advertising revenue, up from $7.85 billion a year ago.
The "Facebook Papers" depict a company where data on the harms it causes is abundant, but solutions, much less the will to act on them, are halting at best.
Leaked documents obtained by The Associated Press show that Facebook in India was selective in combating hate speech and anti-Muslim content.
New internal documents provide a rare glimpse into how the tech giant appears to have stumbled into the Jan. 6 riot.