Officer Michael Riley told a Jan. 6 rioter that he agreed with his "political stance" but suggested he remove photos taken inside the Capitol building.
The "Last Week Tonight" host shows how the problem is even bigger than most people realize.
“We can’t make all of these decisions and provide all these societal solutions on our own," said Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs.
Frances Haugen's testimony before Congress signaled that the era of the Big Tech whistleblower has most definitely arrived.
Aidy Bryant's Ted Cruz wanted to know how to shut down "toxic, extremist" Facebook groups like "Ted Cruz Sucks."
WhatsApp has monopolized communications in Brazil, India and across the Global South. When it goes down, everything grinds to a halt.
The CEO denied an ex-manager's remarks — based on Facebook’s own research — that the company puts “profits before people,” saying this was “just not true.”
Frances Haugen’s claims are backed by tens of thousands of pages of internal research from the social networking giant.
"Good luck remembering your mom’s birthday now, you pieces of s**t," zinged Blaire Erskine.
“Ow. Ow. Ow. That must hurt,” said the host of “The Late Show."