The loss of Jeffrey Merriweather's body leaves his cause of death unknown and his family distraught.
Driver D'Monterrio Gibson "was simply Black while working," his lawyer said. A white father and son have been arrested.
The boxes dumped in a ravine in Alabama sparked a massive cleanup operation.
“The time to act is not later, but now," said a community leader.
Shooting suspect Brandon Scott Hole was questioned last year after his mother told police her son might attempt “suicide by cop.”
At least eight people were killed and several others were injured in a mass shooting at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis.
The gunman got out of his car, started shooting and then took his own life, authorities said.
Twitter users lambasted the president's attempt to slow down the United States Postal Service to help his reelection chances.
Shipping companies are ramping up their holiday hiring while expanding their weekend operations.
Many retailers are cutting off holiday shipments by mid-December this year.