Twitter users lambasted the president's attempt to slow down the United States Postal Service to help his reelection chances.
Shipping companies are ramping up their holiday hiring while expanding their weekend operations.
Many retailers are cutting off holiday shipments by mid-December this year.
The name is being reviewed after major corporate sponsors including FedEx and Nike threatened to stop supporting the team.
Meanwhile, Nike appeared to remove all of its apparel featuring the NFL team's logos from its website.
Fred Smith slammed the newspaper's report on how the company drove its tax bill down to zero in 2018.
Kansas seized 350 pounds of leafy green plant material from a FedEx truck two years ago. But they still don't know what they actually seized.
The company said politics didn't influence the decision and does not link it to the Pittsburgh shooting.
The package blew up on a conveyor belt in a local sorting facility in Schertz, Texas.
A leaked memo from a FedEx employee shows the secret ways that the NRA has been courting gun owners, and why they won’t discontinue their NRA loyalty program in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.