Felix Baumgartner's

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Eustace reaches a peak speed of 822 miles per hour during his dive. To put that in perspective, scientists say you officially
When daredevil Joby Ogwyn reaches the top of Mount Everest in May he will have only just begun his most terrifying stunt
GoPro's Super Bowl ad is only a preview of the stunning images, however. To see the full video, watch this: As the Denver
We're warning you now: This new video of Felix Baumgartner's record-setting leap from the edge of space just might make you
Almost exactly one year to the day after Felix Baumgartner smashed a 52-year-old skydiving record and became the first person
Need a reason to love science? As part of Youtube's Geek Week, a Neil DeGrasse Tyson "hologram" -- sporting his trademark
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And that's where the other emotion comes from, the sense of great fragility. The photographs show a lonely human in this
Everyone's favorite multi-platform professor, Bill Nye the Science Guy, streams into What's Trending via Google+ Hangout to discuss evolution, climate change, online learning and much more.
Check out these jaw-dropping photos from Baumgartner's jump: Texas news station KLTV reports that Emily and Alan Wood were
You argue that the money spent on Mars should be spent on us. But spending money on Mars is spending money on us. I see you as a hero but hope you will see Mars in a new light, one of options and chances for humanity.
Baumgartner told the Associated Press that supersonic travel was "hard to describe because you don't feel it." With no reference
Felix Baumgartner's historic jump from 24 miles above Earth captivated more than 8 million YouTube viewers on Oct. 14. On
Science is essential to the development of technology and medicine and the advancement of our society -- and religion has been a cornerstone of civilisation for millennia. It is incredibly unimaginative to believe that we can only reap the benefits of one at the expense of the other.
Now let's talk about the physics of the jump. In a vacuum, we could use the following two equations: speed of sound = SQRT
The air up there is cold and thin, so the temperature was an obvious problem. On top of that, as Felix plummets, he could
Earlier this week, Felix Baumgartner stepped into a spaceship-type capsule, suspended from a hot air balloon filled with