Felix Baumgartner's

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(Story continues below) Eustace gets lifted to his peak altitude of 135,908 feet via a high-altitude ballooning system. Eustace
When daredevil Joby Ogwyn reaches the top of Mount Everest in May he will have only just begun his most terrifying stunt
Back in 2012, the world looked on in awe as daredevil and base jumper, Felix Baumgartner, broke the record for highest altitude
Now, thanks to the new footage, we can. WATCH the video, above. Jump starts at the 1:40 mark. Watch in full-screen and at
Almost exactly one year to the day after Felix Baumgartner smashed a 52-year-old skydiving record and became the first person
Need a reason to love science? As part of Youtube's Geek Week, a Neil DeGrasse Tyson "hologram" -- sporting his trademark
One of the hardest parts of preparing an article, and I think most writers will agree with me here, is getting the beginning just right. What's the right "point of entry" to the subject being discussed? What aspect of it should you address first?
The venerable record-keeping organization has just released its list of top records for 2012 and Claxton insists all of them