Financial Literacy

Studies show financial literacy isn't enough to prompt positive changes in behavior.
For $38 plus fees, you can ride a mechanical piggy bank and hit a punching bag that represents debt.
Raising a financially literate child doesn't have to be difficult.
Last week Jay-Z dropped his new album called ‘4:44’. And at first, the busy mom/entrepreneur in me shrugged it off and said
This Financial Literacy Month, Congress, nonprofits and the private sector must unite on a national plan to ensure that all citizens can benefit from America’s prosperity.
In a marriage, you're a team, and having the same financial values can be an important part of your life together. So now
Joining a grocer's program might make you eligible for in-store savings, exclusive coupons and rewards that could save you
Looking for answers to your retirement questions? Check out Carrie's book, "The Charles Schwab Guide to Finances After Fifty
Mortgage insurance could remain with a government-secured mortgage for the lifetime of the loan. However, you may be able
Change can be disconcerting but it can also mean new opportunities. Yes, there are unknowns ahead. But if you're smart and