Authorities are also investigating the deaths of 113 sea turtles; they were found in the southern state of Chiapas earlier this month.
Plastic bags, ropes, fishing nets and a drum were all found lodged inside the juvenile off the coast of southeast Spain.
Giving European imports the duty-free treatment will leave African producers struggling: local businesses will be unable
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Then I joined fellow marine scientists in examining which aquatic habitats are most important to coastal fisheries, and discovered
It's been a banner year for U.S. fishermen who seek Pacific bluefin tuna in southern California. Anglers not only found numbers of these amazingly engineered fish, but they also caught some of the biggest bluefin seen in decades. The news of these big fish has gone absolutely viral in fishing reports and social media.
What is the future for billions of people around the world who depend on seafood for nutrition?
Take the time to add your voice to those who realize the value in promoting ocean health and coordinating multiple human uses of our busy ocean.
Right now, we humans are creating the biggest experiment of all time. We are experimenting with our oceans, with our fisheries, and with our climate.
Throughout history, people living near any sea coast have relied on fish as a key dietary staple. Middens of kitchen and household wastes left behind on all continents provide strong evidence of the long and deep linkages between people of the shores and the sea.
The technology would deliver vaccine-laced peanut butter treats to the species' primary prey.
When it comes to the oceans and Pelagic areas, many of us, and some "conservation groups" turn a blind eye, by not putting the resources into notifying the public of the sustainability problems betraying the oceans.
We must utilize economic stimulus, more regulation in developing world fisheries, and a higher barrier to entry for susceptible categories of farm raised fish to preserve sea protein as a cornerstone of survival.
Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a worldwide scourge, and last year's AP investigative report shone
The 22 Pacific Islands countries and territories are at the frontline of climate change. They are termed "small island states