Weakened to a Category 1 hurricane, the powerful storm lashed communities with wind, rain and floodwaters.
A 911 dispatcher in Fort Smith, Arkansas, spent her last day on the job berating a woman stuck in floodwaters.
Federal authorities and social scientists struggle to create effective messages to inform and compel people to take action.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned that there could be “a considerable amount of overtopping” of levees.
Farmers already are struggling with years of falling incomes, and more of them are seeking mental healthcare than before.
The storms are part of a large system moving through the southern United States, knocking out power to thousands and causing some flash flooding.
Lawmakers were unable to reach a deal amid a standoff over disaster relief for Puerto Rico.
Half of the country is at risk of moderate to major flooding this season.
The CNN anchor called out the congressman's offensive comparison of New Orleans flood victims to those in his own state.
The water rose so quickly that farmers in many areas had no time to get animals out.
More than 10 million people were reportedly under flood warnings Friday.
Rescuers saved people who were stranded on the hood of their car as they were swept downstream by floodwaters.
Rain and mudslides are causing chaos in wildfire-stricken California.
The Italian city's mayor issued renewed calls for a massive barrier system that could protect Venice from historic floods.
Florida cities continue to rebuild after Hurricane Michael’s destruction.
Thousands have been urged to evacuate as possible record flooding threatens in the coming days.
Drone footage of flooding in Lumberton, NC, shot by Brian M. Lindsay.
Footage of the flooding in Atchafalaya Basin, LA.
There are also farms cut off from vital supplies like animal feed, a state official said.