Tourists hoping to see world-famous waterfalls on the Havasupai Tribe Reservation instead went through harrowing flood evacuations.
At least 17 people have died in the storms battering the state. The figure is likely to rise.
A string of storms have hit California’s coastline, destroying homes & forcing the evacuation of thousands.
DeGeneres, who was told to shelter in place as her property is on higher ground, filmed a torrential creek and urged everyone "to be nicer to Mother Nature."
Floods have subsided in most parts, but more than 8,600 people are still in shelters.
More than 1.3 million people have been displaced by the disaster.
President Joe Biden said there were reports of "substantial loss of life" as rescue missions remained underway.
The World Health Organization is raising the alarm about a “second disaster” in the wake of the deadly floods in Pakistan this summer, as doctors and medical workers on the ground race to battle outbreaks of waterborne and other diseases.
Disaster relief professionals suggest backup food supplies, waterproof pouches for important documents and water filtration systems.
Entire villages in Pakistan have turned into islands and could stay that way for a long time.