Record rainfall at Death Valley National Park buried dozens of vehicles in mud and debris and trapped hundreds of workers and visitors there.
After heavy flooding inundated Kentucky, authorities are warning that the death toll is still rising.
It's "nearly impossible" to total how many people remain unaccounted for, Gov. Andy Beshear (D) said Monday.
Kentucky teen Chloe Adams saved herself and her beloved pet from a flash flood after torrential rains drenched Appalachia.
Parts of the parched southwest are now being hit with floods, with multiple people needing rescue in Nevada and Arizona.
Search and rescue teams backed by the National Guard are searching flooded Appalachian communities for missing people.
Gov. Andy Beshear said he expects this to be "one of the most significant deadly floods" in Kentucky history.
The adult dogs at Stray Paws Rescue in St. Louis survived the devastating flooding, but the puppies were unable to be rescued in time.
A massive downpour has caused flash flooding across St. Louis, Missouri, with multiple people needing to be rescued from cars and homes.
Roughly 40 people were unaccounted for but there are no confirmed deaths or injuries, authorities said Wednesday.